Domain Names

Our ECommerce Fully Loaded Option allows the use of your own Domain

If you don't already own a domain name, we can help register one for you and configure it for use with your ECommerce Fully Loaded solution. Cost Includes full management of the domain.

Pricing for 1 Year fully managed Domain, Including Identity Privacy WHOIS
Domain Identity Privacy (WHOIS) Price Excluding VAT
.info Included £ 18.49 Included £ 5.59
.com Included £ 17.39 Included £ 43.49 Included £ 5.45
.net Included £ 18.49
.org Included £ 18.49
.eu Included £ 11.99
.co Included £ 38.09
.biz Included £ 18.49

If you already own your domain name, we can help repoint it to your new Spicefly ECommerce site, or provide you the details to repoint it yourself to your new Spicefly Ecommerce site.

What is Identity Privacy WHOIS?

When you register a domain name your details are placed on public record and so expose your name, email, phone number and address to anybody that searches the domain name database.
In the old days of the internet this was fine and helped with support issues.

However its now primarily used as a valuable resource by spammers and fraudsters to bombard you with email or contact you to try and obtain information that could be used for identity theft.

Spicefly only sell Domain Names WITH Whois Enabled
Spicefly therefore only sell domain names with Whois privacy ENABLED, this hides the data from spammers and helps to keep your personal details safe.

Please take Whois into account if you are looking at super cheap domain name registration agents, don't be tempted to save a few pounds as you will most likely be diluged with spam!

No Domain Transfer Fees if you leave
In the unlikely event that you get bored with us and choose to leave Spicefly and therefore want to take your Domain name with you, there is no charge to pass any Domain name we registered for you, to your new domain registrar.

Is my Domain Name Available?

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